I’ve been writing professionally for more than seven years and I love what I do. I think your business will love what the right words can do as well. 

My experience as a copywriter, newspaper reporter, marketing and sales consultant, and communications officer give me the edge to deliver results for your business. 


Choose Cuppa Creative to create engaging content for your blog, write words that sell for all your website marketing and so much more. Learn more about my copywriting services here


Website Copy

Alison Steer Optometrist came to Cuppa Creative with the desire to redesign their website and rewrite the website copy. They needed copy that simplified their brand and services. Cuppa Creative completed a full website rewrite to help optimise their website for Google and be more customer-friendly. 

Press Release

A Cairns businesswoman was launching a brand new company. She needed to get the word out to local media so more people would sign up for her app. I helped her write a press release and connected with local media to publicise the launch. Learn more about my PR work here.  

Real Estate Listings for Agency Website

This Albany real estate agent understands the importance of digital content to sell homes and properties. I was hired to visit their newly listed homes and create compelling copy to transport future homebuyers to their new life. The agents hired me several times over the past few years and published the copy to their website with little revisions. 


Real World Example of Aristotle’s Persuasive Appeals

August 19, 2013

Contemporary persuasion is largely based on Aristotle’s proofs, also known as persuasive appeals. As marketers, every aspect of the content we produce, whether we realize it, will appeal to one of the three proofs: ethos, logos, and pathos. Though consumers of our content won’t necessarily realize which appeals we’re aiming for, the message will resonate with them. It is our job to be acutely aware of the persuasive methods we use.

You’re Using Fallacies and You Don’t Even Know It

September 30, 2013

There are many fallacies used every day in advertisements, political debates, and other forms of persuasion. You may not realize you’re encountering a fallacy when you hear one. I’ll be introducing you to the most popular fallacies through this series. Here are the first four you can get to know so you won’t be fooled when someone tries to convince you through fallacious reasoning.

You’re Using Fallacies and You Don’t Even Know it Part 2: Fallacies in Politics

March 19, 2014

Because politicians and their campaign managers realize emotions often trump logic, they use numerous illogical and unpersuasive fallacies to appeal to the masses. Here are some curated examples of fallacies in politics.

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Wine export sales hit record growth

May 12, 2015

Published by Albany Advertiser: Great Southern wines have experienced record growth in export sales in the past 12 months with export wine volumes growing by 90 per cent and export wine values up 95 per cent, bringing in about $2.2million to the local industry.

Food editor enjoys improved scene

July 21, 2015

Published by Albany Advertiser: Food editor at The West Australian Rob Broadfield made a surprise visit to the Great Southern over the weekend to review new restaurants and said he saw potential for the region to capitalise on culinary tourism.

Child migrant finds sister after 70 years

May 04, 2015

Published by Albany Advertiser: An Albany man built a life and created his own family in Australia, all the while unaware of his family in the UK.Child migrant finds sister after 70 years

Distillery raises a glass to international gold medal

August 03, 2015

Published by Albany Advertiser: While the Great Southern Distilling Company has been racking up national accolades over the year, its recent international medal is the most significant to date, according to director Cameron Syme.

New bar tops top drop list

August 11, 2015

Published by Albany Advertiser: After only one year's operations, new bar Hybla is already getting national recognition for its wine selection.

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