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‘Show me the data, baby!’ And other techniques digital marketers master to grow your business

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Creative digital marketers use data to help you create the most effective marketing campaigns.

It’s 2019 and I think everyone and their dog knows what social media is and how it’s the go-to marketplace for businesses to connect with their audience directly. According to We are Social and Hootsuite’s 2019 Digital Report, 18 million people actively use social media in Australia. That’s 72 percent of the population. Sixteen million of these users access social media on their mobile devices.

Chances are, some of your current or future customers are one of them.

So we know that your audience is on social media, but do we know how to reach them and turn that into sales? Do you use any other digital platforms to connect with your audience like emails, blogs or videos? And how do you know where to spend your time, energy and money to get the most out of your efforts?

Digital marketers love to crunch numbers and scour the internet for data that helps show their clients the return on their content marketing investments, so that they’re clients can grow their businesses sustainably.

But where do you start as a small business in Australia, where do you put your time and money and what outcomes can you expect? Let’s explore.

Marketing vs advertising

Marketing and advertising go hand-in-hand but they’re often confused as the same. Marketing is all encompassing and it includes market research, data analysis, content creation, lead generation and so much more. One part of marketing is advertising, which takes that data and research and applies it to a specific campaign with an even more specific goal, like promoting and selling a new product.

Why is marketing so important then, if we can just pay for a few ads and call it a day? Well, according to HubSpot (as cited by Content Marketing Institute, 2017) content marketing creates three times more leads than paid search advertising. And those leads will keep coming back to you if you provide them with engaging, valuable content.

So then you may ask, well why don’t we just create good content and stop wasting time on paid search advertising?

Good question. Advertising helps you achieve a goal quickly, where as marketing is more of your long game. You can use advertising to sell a specific product, promote new content, create more leads or grow your audience.

Show me the data, baby!

So maybe you’re a creative like me who sees the world in colour and stories so content ideas comes to you in your sleep. But what good is beautiful content if it doesn’t serve your bottom line (strictly speaking to businesses).

Maybe you clicked “boost post” on your Facebook post, you see the reactions and comments trickling in, but then what? Where do your fans go from there?

This is where marketers use sales funnels and analytics tools to drive and track what your fans do next. Do they travel to your website to sign up for your email list or purchase a product or service? Do they like your page and become a future customer? Do they come into your physical store?

We have the tools to track these actions, but it’s all up to your goals what we track.

What works and what doesn’t?

The beauty of the internet is that we have the tools to track your marketing efforts and we have infinite ways to share your content. Digital marketers want to give you actionable outcomes that help you grow and sustain your business so you’re not wasting your precious energy and money.

If you’re a local business trying to attract real humans into your storefront, we can target potential clients in your area through search engine marketing (SEM) and social media advertising. According to HubSpot (as cited by Google), in 2018 local searches lead 50% of mobile users to visit stores within one day. On the other hand, if you’re an online service provider, we can create content that attracts traffic to your site and turn those fans into paying customers.

Digital marketing is a culmination of personalising content for your brand and audience, creating damn good content, advertising within your budget, simplifying your strategy, and then of course, analysing, tweaking and analysing again (it’s a cycle).

Are you still with me?

My goal is to work with your small business to help clarify any grey areas or misconceptions you may have about digital marketing. I want to look at your current strategies and help you perfect them so that you’re getting the most value for your money and time. I understand that not every business wants to put all of their efforts into ads or emails, that’s why I want to chat with you so we can create a strategy together that’s the right fit and that continues to bring you sales, grow your business and create a sustainable outcome.

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