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3 Accidental Lessons from a Nomadic Marketer

Caroline on balcony in Florida

Balancing travel, family, friends and running my own freelancing business has been a challenge over the past year. I launched Cuppa Creative about halfway through my trip of a lifetime: driving a lap of Australia with my Aussie fiance, Mossy. Far from my first home (Florida) and my second home (Albany, Western Australia), I found myself sitting on a balcony in Tropical North Queensland, looking out over rainforest blanketed mountains wondering how the heck I was going to find clients for my freelance business.

It was then that I decided to show up online and launch Cuppa Creative Communications. Since then, I’ve tried to balance travel and consistently showing up in my business. However, travelling and nurturing friendships and family tend to take a front-row seat over marketing my business. And I’ve decided that’s okay. Now, I’m once again looking out at those rainforest blanketed mountains, reflecting on throwing away balance and embracing the way I want to run my business. Here’s what I’ve learned:

1. To focus on the present

Throughout my journey to remote parts of this big island we call Australia, I’ve learned the art of being present. You see when you’re planning your journey day-by-day and without any mobile reception, you start to learn to live in the moment. It’s easy to spin out and think, “where will I be in a year? a month? or tomorrow?” but it’s moments like these that I really practised being present.

I would practice noticing what I saw, heard, smelled and felt around me. This practice brought me into the present moment. I might have been out bush looking over a sun-burnt landscape with rocky giants rising in the horizon or sitting on a beach, just Mossy and I, listening to the waves roll in with our little home on wheels parked behind us.

Even when things would go wrong like:

  • A faulty solar panel

  • A fridge that wouldn’t stay cold in The Kimberley heat

  • The common cold in 30+ C weather

  • Rolling our Land Cruiser down Gun Shot on the Old Telegraph Track in Cape York

I would practice my grounding technique of taking in my senses to bring me into the present moment and not freak out about what was to come.

And I think that’s one of the big lightbulb moments for any periods of change in our lives: be present. Know that you’re in the right moment right now.

Learn more about grounding here.

And that’s what I do when I feel guilty for not posting on social media as often as I should or take a break from studying my marketing courses.

2. Goals will shift

Let’s face it. Us small business owners think we have everything figured out. Or at least, that’s what we need to tell ourselves to be confident enough to take on this small business life. But chances are, priorities will shift and goals will change as we learn and continue to do the work.

My goal originally was to get clients. Now, my goal is to share more with you, my community and help you get customers with ease.

At the heart of everything I do is my desire to tell stories and help other small business owners. So my goal is to show you more of my journey as a traveller and a small business owner, more little marketing wins and fails and more about what I’m learning. Travelling and learning are the core of my story.

I’m going to keep it simple and write blog, email and social media content that tells stories of my travels, my freelancing life and easy how-tos that help with all those little tiny tasks that seem to get in the way of growing your business. Let me know in the comments what’s got you stumped this week!

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3. I don’t need to be an expert to add value

When you or I build a personal brand, we think we need to be experts straight away. But, I think people relate more to you when you show you’re trying and maybe not always winning. So I’m going to be real with you. And guess what? That’s kind of equally terrifying and thrilling!

So if you take anything away from this blog post, know that I’m giving you permission to take a break to be more present IRL (in real life), that it’s okay for your goals to shift and being real trumps being perfect any day.

All this will help you DIY or DWM (do with me) your marketing and communications.

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