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Hey legend,

I see you - you’ve got big plans on the horizon. You’re ready to start launching your ideas and you’ve seen how paid social (aka Facebook & Instagram Ads) can caffeinate a personal brand into triple-shot-flat-white mode. 

But where do you even start? 

I got you. 

Meet your Paid Social Pre Launch Checklist!

It’s all yours & totally free. 

With this lil' baby by your side, you’ll understand how to: 

  • grow your audience 

  • understand your customer journey 

  • make sure you’re collecting the data you need 

  • hit your revenue goals like the boss you are 

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All the tech things can be intimidating. I know.


Work your way through this checklist and come back to it every time you’re dreaming up your next big idea. 

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Hey, I’m Caroline from Cuppa Creative. 

I firmly believe growing a personal brand is about good storytelling and smart marketing.


You don’t need a huge budget, fancy video production or 10k Instagram followers to start growing your brand and prepping for a launch now.


How do I know this?


I’m that creative meets marketing scientist, who spends her time analysing content, dissecting data and delivering serious results for her clients as a copywriter and ad manager at a Queensland marketing agency.

I’m a copywriter at heart and an ad & numbers nerd by demand.


In my own business, I teach personal brands how to understand their customer journey and get their marketing sorted for an epic launch. 


I know that personal brands, like you and me, don’t always have the budget to hire a marketing agency at the start of their business growth. So, I’m on a mission to share resources and actionable tips to help you start growing now.


Let’s build those foundations, double-check all the tech & start growing!

Caroline from Cuppa Creative planning on a tablet