Are you ready to serve your customers with a clear, consistent message and grow your business in the process?

Crafting creative communications from Cairns, Australia for regional businesses Australia-wide.

If you’re ready to connect with your customers and you live and work in regional Australia, then you’re in the right place.

I know you and I am you.


You’re a regional Australian small business owner, creative or entrepreneur and you care about your customers. 


Because away from the Big Smoke, your customers are everything. 


Your reputation and what your customers say about your business to others in your community can make or break your business. 


You know your business has great customer service. You’re always just a phone call away to help them out. 


However, when you bring your business online (because you know consumers want more ways to connect) sometimes the human element to your business hides behind inconsistent messages and lack-lustre content. 


Well no more, my friend. 


Together, we’re going to create an online experience for your customers that actually connects. 


Because people connect with words and stories, not stock photos and jargon. 

Find the support that suits you:

Cuppa Convo

Ready to have a conversation that illuminates the answers to all your copywriting or communications questions?


A Cuppa Convo is the perfect option if you’re ready to dive deep with a strategic brainstorming buddy (over a cuppa of course).


We’ll book in a 90-minute Zoom call to chat 1:1 about your branding, your copywriting woes or communications tools that you’re ready to master.

Cuppa Copy

Great copy is the perfect blend of sharing your message clearly and solving a problem for your customers. It’s a dance of showing you care and proving you can help.


With your customer as the main character, I’ll craft copy that sounds like you and grows your business.

Cuppa Support

Instead of pushing big, loud and bold tactics, I take the customer-experience approach to your communications.


Using consistent messages and the right tools, I help you connect with the right customers at the perfect time.

Working with Cuppa Creative is as easy as:

1. Grind

Let’s chat goals and your customers. Fill in a simple questionnaire and we’ll schedule a FREE 20-min Cuppa Chat. There’s 0-obligation to book a service.

2. Brew

If we’re the right fit, you’ll select a service. Then I’ll create a proposal and contract that outlines all the details like timeline and expectations and send it over for you to sign.

3. Sip

After you pay the deposit, I’ll get to work creating customer-focused strategies that will win you more customers and more business clarity.

Cuppa Convo 

You choose the topic: 

  • Building your brand message, copy and content 

  • Understanding Instagram Strategy 

  • Growing and Nurturing your Email List 

  • Creating a Winning Content Marketing Strategy

Each 1:1 session will take place over Zoom (for now) and include: 

  • A communications voice guide that will help you define your brand’s tone of voice, ideal clients, mission and visual graphics 

  • A 90-minute deep dive into the platform or tool from the choices above

  • A strategy to help you master your business communications 


Your investment: $135


Fill out the questionnaire and I’ll send you a link to book a time that works for you.

Cuppa Copywriting

Web + Email + Beyond

Website Copywriting - The Double-Shot Cappuccino

A weak coffee, tastes okay and will you get you through your morning. A double-shot cappuccino, however, will help you crank up the volume on your productivity and sales. It helps you transform into the powerhouse you always knew you had in you. 


And that’s what this package will do for your website. 


Many small businesses think their website is just a digital business card. Kind of like a weak coffee. 


But, it’s so much more than that, my friend. 


Think of your website as a tool for connecting, selling and understanding your customers’ buying behaviour. Don’t underestimate the power of a well-written website or a double-shot cappuccino. It can be the game-changer in your business to help you go from ticking along to a booked out calendar or sold out products. That’s the power of words, and caffeine, my friend. 

Each website copywriting package Includes:

  • 1:1 Strategy Session 

  • Customer and Market Research 

  • Full Communications Style Guide

  • Fresh, clear and consistent copy for your most powerful business asset 

  • High-converting homepage, services page, and about page copy 


Your Investment: $995


Email Copywriting 

"The Coffee Catch-up" 

Would you rather have 5% of your customers and community see your message or 22%? 


Would you rather catch-up with your friend over the phone or sit down with them in a lively cafe, next to a sun-drenched window with the best tasting cuppa in your hands? 


It’s a no brainer, isn’t it? 


Unfortunately, 5% is a high average of what most businesses are reporting for organic Facebook posts.


That second number, though, it’s looking pretty good. 


The average email open rate for any industry is more than 22%. And what if you could get even more of your potential and returning customers' eyes on your message? 


What if you could connect with them easier, and more genuinely? Kind of like a coffee catch-up with your favourite friend.

Grow your Community with a Lead Generator



  • 1:1 Strategy Session to grow your email list 

  • A lead generator download to grow your list with engaged, warm leads 

  • Options: Google Doc and PDF Ebook, Checklist, Worksheet or Video Script 

  • A guide to set up and promote your community growing asset 


Your investment starts at: $325

*Price depends on size and scope of the lead generator

Nurture and Sell with Email 



  • 1:1 Strategy Session to  Nurture and Sell to your list 

  • Researched subject lines 

  • Copy that sounds like you and speaks to your customer for the sequences of your choice: 

    • Welcome

    • Sales

    • Launch

    • Custom Campaigns 

    • Canned Emails for your CMS 

    • Automated Emails 


Your investment: $375

A la carte Cuppa Copy Menu

  • Individual Website Pages: 

    • Homepage

    • About Page

    • FAQs Page 

    • Services Page 

    • Landing Page 

    • Sales Page

  • Website Copy Audit 

  • Content Writing: 

    • Blog

    • Video Scripts

    • Social Captions

  • Case Studies 


*Your investment depends on your project and goals

Cuppa Support

Communications and Content Strategy 

Your first step with any communications plan is to figure out HOW you’re going to tell people about your business, product, service, event or fundraiser. Once your audience knows you exist, it’s time to convince them to take action. 


Unfortunately, only a small per cent of your audience is ready to make a purchase now. 

So what do you do with the other vast majority? You keep their attention by engaging them, educating them and informing them until they're ready to choose your business to make their purchase. 

Every Communications Support Service Includes: 

Every Communications Support Service Includes: 

  • 1:1 Goal and Strategy Session 

  • An exploration of any gaps in your business communications 

  • A strategy for tackling one of the following tools

Support Menu

  • Email Marketing Set Up and Guidance 

    • Investment: $95 

  • Social Media - Set-Up and Guidance 

    •  Investment: $95

  • Public Relations - Press Release and PR Strategy 

    • Starting from $125 

  • Paid Ads - Set-Up and month-to-month strategy 

    • Starting from $350/month 

  • Funnel Audit 

    • Starting at $225



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