Let’s make marketing simpler & your business’ growth more joyful.


My mission is to give other creative entrepreneurs the tools & support to confidently launch, scale and grow as business owners.

Because I believe the world needs more colour and kindness and less fear and overwhelm.

Plant Shadow

Well hello there. I’m Caroline, owner & launch copywriter at Cuppa Creative.

You may think that after 8+ years working in marketing & communications, I would be burnt out by now. But I can honestly tell you that I wake up every day loving what I do for a living (espesh if there’s a warm cuppa ready and waiting with my name on it).

So, welcome, welcome! You’re in the right place if you’re a creative service provider or small business owner with 1 or a million super cool ideas ready to be launched into the world.

With my experience in marketing, digital advertising and sales, I take your ideas, courses, programs and offers and convince your dream clients why they haveta have it through conversion copywriting.

Most importantly, I believe you can be a thriving entrepreneur all while feeling aligned with your values and ethics.

Buh-bye sleazy salesmen.

It’s kinda why I left the hustle of a 9-5 to launch my own, values-first, business.

Plant Shadow