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Communications & Content Strategy 

Previous Work

Communications is visual and it’s verbal. Every aspect of your business communicates an idea or attitude to your customers - whether you realise it or not! 

Let’s work together to audit your current communications on and offline. 

Say you’re website traffic is killing it, but you’re not getting as many inquiries as you’d like. Possible solution: website audit + improve user experience + rewrite copy

Or, you’re organising an event and you’re promoting it on social media, but you’re not reaching the right audience. Possible solution: explore other channels to promote your event including traditional media and online publicity 

These are just some of the ways Cuppa Creative will help your business succeed. Learn more about Cuppa Creative services here.

Content Strategy

Cuppa Creative helped a Weste Australian whisky distillery promote and sell a new, limited-edition whisky through an email marketing strategy. It resulted in overnight, plus continuous sales of the high-valued product. 


On Demand

Cuppa Creative helped launch a new mobile phone app called On Demand. I worked with the business owner to engage local media in print and radio to promote the new business in Queensland.  

Albany Water Ski Club

Cuppa Creative promoted the Albany Water Ski Club’s milestone tournament to local and national media. 

Website Audit

A West Australian optometrist already enlisted a website designer to create a new website for her business. However, she needed new, user-friendly copy to better serve her current customers, engage new customers and optimise to rank higher on search engines. 

Stay tuned for new website here.

Website Creation

Every business deserves to have a digital presence. I have helped several small businesses create beautiful, user-friendly websites.